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St. Mary School is a welcoming community grounded in the traditions of the Daughters of Mercy

We strive to inspire minds through 21st Century Learning, while our Catholic faith aligns hearts with God and fosters lives of service.

Stella from family
Analise from Mom Mom and G-Daddy
Sonny from family
Analise from Auntie
Kamila from Miss Rose
Kamila from Mom Mom & Pop Pop Flaim
Analise from Uncle Mike & Aunt Cait
Kamila from Aunt JoJo and Uncle Reb
Mase from Uncle Eddie
Vinny from family
Adrienne from cousins
Ava from family
William from family
Mason from Boss and Boom Boom
Kamila from Aunt Dee Dee
Liam from Grandmom and Poppop
Kamila  from cousins
Dominick from Zia Maria
Dominick from popop
Dominick R from Mommy
Joey from Gia
Joey from Mommy
Adriana B from family
Myla from Mommy & Daddy
Garret from mom dad buddy and mari
Mia from family
Madi from Myla
William from Mimom and Pop
William from Jidgy
William from Grandmom & Grandpop Lee
William from Dan Brown family
Aubrey from family
Mase from Mom Mom and Pop Pop
Nick A from family
Anthony C from Mom and Dad
Austin from Mom
Dominic N from Mom Mom and Pop Pop Newto
Dominic from Uncle Dave and Aunt Lindsay
Kamila from Nonna and Fishy Fish
Adrienne Maurice from family
Auriella from Pop Pop and Mom Mom
Joshua from family
Dominic N from Uncle John and Aunt Maria
Lucas from Mom and Papi
Liam from Gigi and Popop
Alexa from Mom & Dad
Gemma from great grandmom
Mase from Aryana
Dominic from MomMom & PopPop
Dominic from Great Mom Mom & Pop Pop
Gemma from cousins
Analise from Sissy and Bubba
Analise from mom and dad
Vincent from Mom & Dad
Kamila  from Aunt Mare
Gemma from grandparents Venturi
Kamila from Mommy
Kamila from Mom
Liam from mom and day
Lorenzo from grandmom
Kamila from Uncle Bob and Aunt Diane
Lorenzo from mom and dad
Mase from mom and dad
Raelyn from mom and dad
Lorenzo from Rose and Jeff
Analise from pop ad nan
Connor Watson from parents
Michael T from NeeNee and Poppy
Michael T from grandparent
Bobby from Mom
Michael Tomasso from Mom and Dad
Bobby Owens from Dad
Gemma V from mom and dad
Ethan Silie from family
Joey Maurice from Nana and Papa
Gemma from grandmom and grandpop Bifulco
Auriella DePew from Mom and Dad